We are pleased to announce the partnership between Historic Map Works and Vintage Aerial. As many of our members already know, Vintage Aerial has the world's largest collection of aerial photographs of North American properties - a national treasure in the truest sense of the phrase. The collection spans from 1950s to the present; representing 50 years of rural American history.

By linking Vintage Aerial's 24 million property photographs with Historic Map Works's property maps, we hope to provide a key new research avenue for anyone interested in the history of their family home or the development of their town. Ultimately, we will enrich Vintage Aerial's historic photograph collection with our Historic Earth™ technology, allowing users to browse historical maps and find related historical photographs.

The partnership will first be apparent to our members as graphic banners linking historic map content to the Vintage Aerial website. As many long term members will note, this is the first time we have provided such prominent links to another collection. We encourage all of our members to visit Vintage Aerial's website to find a photograph connected to your past.

To get started with your search, visit their collection at www.vintageaerial.com

If you have any questions or would like more information about our partnership, please contact us.