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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Dahlke, Long, Merzler, Gay, Dewar, Smith, Scholinskie, Byrne, Yates, Chivers, Cole, FlanaganMarquette County 1919 WI 1919
F.C. Peck, W.W. Lyman, Myron Stone, Matthew Yates, E. Sperry, C.P. Lyman, J.H. LairdTrumbull County 1874 OH 1874
Freeman, Nellis, Yates, Hartsig, Burr, Smith, Seaman, Steffens, Crocker, Hohf, Lawson, Keils, McKayMacomb County 1916 MI 1916
George Yates, Abishui P. Sharpe, GriggsvillePike County 1872 IL 1872
Harbour, Richeson, Johnston, Tenney, Yates, Loffer, Cable, Wise, Costolo, Faulkner, Holston, Hussey, BeebeShelby County 1900 OH 1900
Henry Ives, Thomas Yates, I.H. Woodruff, W.H. G. Post, Jonathan Greene, W.W. Whitcomb, Batavia, N.Y.Genesee County 1876 NY 1876
Illinois State Hospital for the Insane, Governor Richard Yates, J.T. Springer, Residence, JacksonvilleMorgan County 1872 IL 1872
John C. Yates, T.S. BradleyPeoria County 1873 IL 1873
Johnson, LaVoie, Dahl, Brichacek, Branum, Marquedant, Thelan, Yates, Moore, Woge, AndersonTodd County 1983 MN 1983
Johnson, Nauber, Sales, Jacobson, Patnode, Yates, Perish, Motl, Swanson, Brekke, Dreher, ThrunTodd County 1983 MN 1983
King, Brown, Yates, Davis, Hill, Luce, Meyers, Johnson, Cline, Keith, Blake, Dewane, Farmer, WaitBoone County 1905 IL 1905
Nelson Res, Corbin Res, Thompson Res, Elwood Res, Yates Res, Yunker ResWill County 1873 Vol 2 IL 1873
R.V. Johnson, Jas Moffit, Chas Schmidt, W.E. Yates, John Fife, John ConnerWashington County 1876 PA 1876
Residence Jno. E. Hamilton, John W. Landes, J.M. Yates, H.H. HangerAugusta County 1885 VA 1885
Yates, Bennett & Allen, Wm. J Owens & Co., Naar, Day & NaarMercer County 1875 NJ 1875