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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A. Scarborough Residence, Highland Vineyard, D.C. Benton Residence, Fruit Hill Farm and NurseriesAdams County 1872 IL 1872
Bonanza Vineyard, Joe. D. Biddle, R.E. Hyde Stock RanchTulare County 1892 CA 1892
Brownville Orchard and Vineyard, O.C. Brown, George Reeve Ranch and Residence, Buckner Bros.Tulare County 1892 CA 1892
C.J. Hobler Ranch and Residence, Burris Point Fruit Ranch, F.M. Fart, Vineyard of E. BarrisTulare County 1892 CA 1892
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Hutchinson, Baptist, Vineyard United Methodist, Bethlehem, HuntersMcLeod County 2003 MN 2003
D.M. Harwood, Lone-Hill Vineyard, J.H. Ogier Residence and FarmSanta Clara County 1876 CA 1876
Residence and Vineyard of J. C. Palmer, Mission San JoseAlameda County 1878 CA 1878
W.F. Cartmill Ranch and Residence, Packwood Fruit and Vineyard Co.Tulare County 1892 CA 1892