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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Edgell, Endres, Lash, Jandt, Luther, Hazen, Danielson, Stokes, Cleemmerson, Stohl, SchaitelMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Highland House C F O'Donnell, Luther, The Tribune BuildingCambria County 1890 PA 1890
Highland House, C.F. O'Donnell, D.A. Luther, The Tribune BuildingCambria County 1890 Published by Atlas Publishing Company PA 1890
Jacobson, Miller, Laible, Bisgard, Uther, Haak, Genzlinger, Alfson, Smith, Muilenburg,CherreyMiner County 1993 SD 1993
Kadera, Luther, Sherlock, Alt, Maxey, Eastland, Bane, White, Meyers, LinderJohnson County 1900 IA 1900
Kuchenreuther, Wiese, Wilkie, Smith, Weathers, Kay, Woodall, Hancock, MedickCherokee County 2004 IA 2004
Lehmann, Souther, Franzmeier, Nehring, Hartje, Eddie, Boese, Knapton, Peterson, Burnside, Arends, BoettcherBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Reuther, Schulte, Wiltse, Bickel, Darby, Magnus, Repperecht, Brechtelsbauer, Harris, HallSaginaw County 1916 MI 1916
Runge, Russ, Ruther, ruzek, Ryan, Safley, Salyars, Samuelson, Sander, Schacht, Scheeper, SchieleCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Theodorick Luther, Jerome B. Halsted, J. Howland, Ebenezer fisk, Adrian Conservatory of Music, Dwight BillingsLenawee County 1874 MI 1874
Vollbrecht, Schmidt, Schulz, Schroeder, Toso, Perpich, Luther, Strand, Friedrich, Lois, Anderson, NeigelOtter Tail County 1995 MN 1995
Wahl, Frese, Weber, Turnis, Recker, Trenkamp, Smith, Junke, Funke, Reuther, JaegerDelaware County 1979 IA 1979
Welker, Arendt, Ebert, Anderson, Gnewikow, Luther, Stratman, Westpfahl, Haney, Fries, Fleming, LuetheMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Zillmer, Zimmerman, Brieske, Donskey, Fletcher, Buchholz, Luther, Kotten, Lenz, Muehlenkamp, Wallerman, BillsMonroe County 1994 WI 1994