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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Ashley, Thorager, Goodnature, Busho, Kaune, Mortensen, Vwiener, BuelowSteele County 1970 MN 1970
Fred Ramser, James H. Jensen, Ture, J.N. Harrison, A.G. Clark, A.W. Beales, Farm, ResidenceWashington County 1908 NE 1908
Glenna, Chiglo, Fretland, Countryside Furniture, Rich, Ommen, Topness, Eiken, Bergey, McCabe, Sholes, EricksonFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Hopkins State Bank, Haney, Hamilton Savings Bank, Gilpin, Goss Furniture, John WeeringSouth View Fruit FarmAllegan County 1913 MI 1913
Issac Kouw, Wheatley, Todd, Schuh Furniture, Fruit Growers State Bank, Fairfield & Kolvoord, The LakesideAllegan County 1913 MI 1913
Lake Pepin Harbor, St. Paul camput fo University of Minnesota Institute of Agriculture, Kensington RunestoneRedwood County 1963 MN 1963
Luxemburg, Swanson, Hickman, Nelson, Morgans Furniture, Climax Credit Union, Keith Solum InsuranceMarshall County 1982 MN 1982
North Dakota State University of Agriculture, Great Northern Railway, Turtle MountainsNorth Dakota State Atlas 1961 ND 1961
Phelps Furniture, H. D. Gibbs and Son, Hardware, Clark Building, N. W. Isaacson and CompanyBureau County 1916 IL 1916
Rice Lake, St. Paul Campus of University of Minnesota Institure of Agriculture, Kensington Runestone, Lookout MountainFreeborn County 1965 MN 1965
Todd, Sizelove, Henderson, Blount, Sumner, Goodpasture, Hobbs, Whitesell, PaulTipton County 1928 IN 1928