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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.H. Baughman, R. Steveson, Old Town - Steam and Water Flour MillsGreene County 1874 OH 1874
Aerial View Mid Town New YorkNew York City 1949 Five Boroughs Street Atlas NY 1949
Alma Elementary & High School, Harmonia Town Hall, Hillside School - 1955Buffalo County 1966 WI 1966
Anderson, Spruce Grove Town Hall, Keranen, Kumara, Dockter, Karvonen, KallinenBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Bienieck, Kliber, Anderson, Slasemann, Smith, Prokott, Theis, Loscheider, Little Falls Town HallMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Blountsville, Knightstown, Greensboro, Ashland, Newcastle, Orphans Home, Court House, Jail, JeffersonHenry County 1893 IN 1893
Buck Block, Carroll Town, A C Buck & Company HardwareCambria County 1890 PA 1890
Budensick, Witt, Gerken, Friedrich, Gerken, Fredrickson, McWaters, Scheffler, Minnesota Town BoardGoodhue County 1984 MN 1984
Burke Town Hall, Cambridge Village High & Graded School, Christiana School DistrictsDane County 1911 Microfilm WI 1911
Cantrall Town ViewSangamon County 1874 IL 1874
Court House Cooperstown, Grace Lutheran Church, Christian Fellowship, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Lawrence Catholic ChurchGriggs County 1955c ND 1955
Eagle Point Sewing Class 1936, Maple Hill Baseball Team - 1940, Delmar Town Hall, Cadott Saddle ClubChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Elias G. Sherwood, Sherwoodville, J.E. Braunsdorf, Orangetown, NYRockland County 1876 NY 1876
Emblem Elstad Lutheran Church, Lanesboro Fire Dept. Newburg Town Hall, Canton Township Hall, ArendahlFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Faith Bible Chapel, Erickson, Clover Town Hall, Sweno, O'Shea, Olson, Oien, Johnson, TweetClearwater County 1992 MN 1992
First National Bank of Shawneetown, Fulton Brewery, Thomas Kincaid Res, Wm. Bowman Res, Franklin BreweryIllinois State Atlas 1876 IL 1876
First Presbyterian, Red Wing, Pine Island, Cannon Falls, Goodhue, Spring Garden, Roscoe Town Hall, ZumbrotaGoodhue County 1984 MN 1984
Flink, Lenius, Viking Gas Transmission, Hobart Town Hall, Richs PAradise Point-FrazeeOtter Tail County 1995 MN 1995
Fred J. Rinehart, John E. Rinehart, Church of Christ, Town Hall, Public School - UniopolisAuglaize County 1917 OH 1917
Freeman Residence - Wellfleet, Freeman Residence - Provincetown, Sears ResidenceBarnstable County 1880 MA 1880
French, Wendt, Siple, Baumtown, Lawry, Presbyterian ChurchCherokee County 1982 IA 1982
George B. Eades, William Eades, Mason W. Jennings, Mary Ann J. Upham, Lapeer, Freetown, N.Y.Cortland County 1876 NY 1876
German Reform Church, Town Hall, M.E. Church, High School - New KnoxvilleAuglaize County 1917 OH 1917
Gilbert Beach, W.H. Hollenbeck, Town House, PerrysburghLucas County and Part of Wood County 1875 Including Toledo OH 1875
Gilmershine, Kensett School, Hendrickson, Bidne, Carpenter, Peterson, Olson, Bergan, Fertile, Hanlontown, BrownWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Grimshaw and Town Carriages, Jas. L. Spink Pumps, Richardsons LiveryMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
H.B. Hammon, M.D. Phelps, Town Park BristolvilleTrumbull County 1874 OH 1874
H.P. Combs, W.B. Town, Orson Green, Ira RogersLenawee County 1874 MI 1874
Hanson, Rudell, Pipo, Simar, Bullick, Elk Lake Town HallGrant County 1996 MN 1996
Hustletown, Beroun, Brook Park School, Coin School, Nickerson, Willow River School, DenhamPine County 1972 MN 1972
Irene Public School, Meckling Post Office, Sunset Manor Rest Home, Burbank Public School, Garfield Town Hall, Carnegie LibraryClay County 1968 SD 1968
J.C. Magee, Jeptha Runyan, Valmere, Wm. Vail, Jamesburg, Uniontown, New Market, N.J.Middlesex County 1876 NJ 1876
James C. Hawkins, Burgetts Town, Sam. CookWashington County 1876 PA 1876
Johnson, Colosky, Ochsner, Osborne, Dunham, Drayton, Turriff, Lida Town HallOtter Tail County 1995 MN 1995
Julian, cormorant Town Hall, Braseth, Rosman, Lekang, Kimmerly, Braseth, Heimark, Jacobs, LekangBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Knickerbocker, John E. Wood, Middletown, Orange Co., N.Y.Orange County 1875 NY 1875
Maple Grove Town Hall, Leff, Baity, Struthers, Cease Family Funeral Home, Jolly Fisherman ResortBecker County 1992 MN 1992
Marshalltown, Lennox Maching, Hawkeye Wrench, Letts, Fletcher, Stoddart Hotel, Anson School, Carnegie Library, OdeonIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Maryhill Visitation Church, Baum town Store, Pendleton, Cleghorn, Nelson, Grauer, Hanson, CoombsCherokee County 1982 IA 1982
Mathaha, Bengesteg, Nelson, Holstad, Tenold Town, Stumo, Heaford, Johnson, KruseWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Nelson Stephens, Clarkstown, H. H. Waters, NYRockland County 1876 NY 1876
North Amherst Scenes - Elyria Street, Church Street, Main Street, Public School, Town HallLorain County 1896 OH 1896
Ofstedal, Key West, Town of Mentor, Erickson, Kiewel, Steinbrink, Bertils, Durdahl, Nelson, Herberg, FengestadPolk County 1970 MN 1970
Otremba, Belle Prairie Town Hall, Coppes, Pearleberg, Pooser's Place, Stuckmayer, Virnig, SchamelMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Peter DeBaun, Wm. Govan, Knapp's Hotel, G.H. Soule, Clarkstown, Stony Point, Tallman, NYRockland County 1876 NY 1876
Port Clinton School, Madison Street, E.H. Fall, Town Hall, Water Street, A. ConradOttawa County 1900 OH 1900
Rail Prairie Town Hall, Pine Point Mini Storage, Gallati, Lin Club, LudovissieMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Reed Township, Lodi, Reedtown, Omar, SiamSeneca County 1896 OH 1896
Reints, Eick, Muehling, Stauffer, Kramer, Jacobs, Edeker, Lowell Town CemeteryButler County 2000 IA 2000
Runeberg Town Hall, Haataja, Koskela, Howard, Jonas, Kuismi, Hasbargen, Belanger, Tadych, KoskelaBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Sheboygan Town - Aerial MapSheboygan County 1941 WI 1941
Sletten School, Sigel Catholic Church, Plainview School, Utica Town School, Willowdale School, TeshbeckYankton County 1968 SD 1968
Smith, Bolan, Hardy, Hanlontown, Fertile Roller Mill, Walking Bridge, Elk Creek Church, Viking Auto SupplyWorth County 2000 IA 2000
St. Olaf Catholilc Church, Mabel, American Legion Post, V.F.W., Canton Elementary School, Town HallFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Starkey Seminary, Eddytown, N.Y.Yates County 1876 NY 1876
State Institutions, Soldiers Homes, Marshalltown, Penitentiary, Anamosa, College For The Blind, Soldiers Ophans HomeIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Steinbrecker, Motley Town Hall, Tangen, Macheel, Swecker, Tyson Seafood GroupMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Sundbom, Ingalls, Holst Town Hall, Nelson, Peterson, Engen, Ad - Pat's Cafe, Clearbrook Motel and Drive InClearwater County 1992 MN 1992
Swenson, Jacobs, Hardin, Olson, Moloney, Cormornat Town Hall, Erickson, Omdahl, WilliamsBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Thomas Hueston, Ann , Dunlap, Matthew Mahan, Mamanstown, Residence, Homestead Farm, Jackson TownshipHardin County 1879 OH 1879
Trimmer Town Residence, Trimmer Stock Farm & ResidenceMcLean County 1874 Microfilm IL 1874
Turtle Lake Coop Creamery Assn., Turtle Lake Hotel, LaBlanc, Carlson Evergreen Agency, Twin Town Cheese Inc.Barron County 1978 WI 1978
W. Bown, P. Bruning, Bruning Town Board, L. Bruning, H. Brungardt, W. Buchanan, J. Buchli, L. Buchli, K. Buckles, A. BuhlThayer County 1976 NE 1976
W. Moherman, J.H. Clewell, Warren Hine, Farm, Residnece, Austintown, CanfieldMahoning County 1874 OH 1874
Wallevand, Gunderson, Koep, Suchy, Swanberg, Selvaag, Folden Town Hall, Nubbin Rdge SchoolOtter Tail County 1995 MN 1995
Wilber Stevens, R.L. Dart, Hervey Seeber, Freetown, N.Y.Cortland County 1876 NY 1876
William T. Rice, W.B. Town, I.N. HathawayLenawee County 1874 MI 1874