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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Dewitt, Tipton, Campbell, Priest, AlexanderHolmes County 1907 OH 1907
Gray, Page, Baker, Sutton, Call, Thompson, Brown, Tipton, Tunnell, Eubanks, Roberts, HarrisSullivan County 1897 MO 1897
Horace P. Biddle, Senator D. D. Pratt, Joseph Barron, John Tipton, William HanneyCass County 1878 IN 1878
John Latham, Court House, Cadiz, James Patton, Alexander Henderson, G.R. Tipton, A.C. Pocock, Sugar Turner, Blackwood Jr. Thorn Champion, T.B. MahalmHarrison County 1875 Caldwell OH 1875
Marquett, Zobel, Johnston, Freymiller, Beckmann, Johnson, Brewer, Ford, Tipton, Chapman, BrewerCedar County 1977 IA 1977
S. Tipton, G.A. Confer, Spencer House, Samuel Matheson, Lee HouseWarren County 1878 PA 1878
St. Johns, First Ward, Tipton High, Third Ward SchoolsTipton County 1928 IN 1928
Tipton, Old and New Prebyterian ChurchTipton County 1928 IN 1928