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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Albert Farm Res, Anderson Tile Works Mill & Res PropertyIroquois County 1884 Microfilm IL 1884
Blank and Seaman Store, Waunesfield Tile Co., Ottis H. Pool, Geo. A. SchwickardAuglaize County 1917 OH 1917
Cress, Cockelreas, Digmans Art Studio, Hill, Bullington, Hobson, Hillsboro Brick and Tile, Jones, Hoehn, CofeenMontgomery County 1912 Microfilm IL 1912
Dennison, Fertile, Opheim, Key West Depot, Aaker, Keiler, Larson, NephewPolk County 1970 MN 1970
Fred Youngman Residence and Tile FactoryHoward County 1877 IN 1877
Geo. Holl, New Knoxville Tile Co.Auglaize County 1917 OH 1917
Gilmershine, Kensett School, Hendrickson, Bidne, Carpenter, Peterson, Olson, Bergan, Fertile, Hanlontown, BrownWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Grant School, Morgan County Court House, Wiggins Mercantile, Curry HOtel, Weldon Valley State BankMorgan County 1913 CO 1913
Greensboro Tile Manufacturing Co., J.T. McDaid, S.H. StewartGreene County 1876 PA 1876
Historical - Moore, Bell, May Pole Drill, Gustafson, Tile Machine by Newell 1911, St. Mary's Church, JohnsonBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
J.K. Boies, Arcade Block, R.H. Mc.Kenzie, Hudson Brick and Tile YardsLenawee County 1874 MI 1874
James McDowell Residence and Tile FactoryUnion County 1876 IA 1876
Jas. W. Marshall, Josiah Smith Ewq, John J. Garlinger, Residence, Farm, Steam Brick and Tile WorksHardin County 1879 OH 1879
John Wild and Sons Tile WorksIroquois County 1884 IL 1884
Kirkham Art Tile and Pottery, Frank and Laubach's Jewelry StoreSummit County 1891 OH 1891
Knox School, Citizens State Bank, Hazel Mercantile, Braaten, Dahl, Mandt, Hicks Furniture and CarpetPennington County 1911 Ogle MN 1911
Leach, Stoutenburg, Clark, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Oak Grove Hospital, Mundy Tile and Brick Works, HenryGenesee County 1907 Microfilm MI 1907