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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Buboltz, Carlson, Casey, Casteel, Chamberlain, Christensen, Davis, DeBord, Dolch, Downer, Eblen, Ehrman, EiltsCass County 1989 IA 1989
Day, Kirkeeng, Fuller, Tadder, Erlandson, Walker, Bruder, Steel, Olson, Ford, Steinbach, Clemmerson, WildesMonroe County 1994 WI 1994
Dennler, Frammelt, Dean, Teel, Trudo, HachClayton County 1983 IA 1983
Fitting, Shaffer, Garber, Steel, Nitschke, Price, Lefevre, Dyer, Cockley, HinesRichland County 1896 OH 1896
Hawthorne, Allen, Ross, Teel, Blue, Dresbach, Parman, Setzer, Akes, Peery, Gibbany, Lockwood, ErnstGentry County 1914 MO 1914
Hiller, Rutherford, Whiteside, Forb, Dawson, Turner, Berkheimer, Bonesteel, Blair, LlewellynClark County 1896 MO 1896
Kemper, Garst, Colclo, Stamen, Grube, Trowbridge, Haselton, Steel, FlenkerCarroll County 1906 IA 1906
Metz Manufacturing, Frank D, Scharle, John Ernsdorff Iron and Steel, Carr, Ryder and AdamsDubuque County 1906 IA 1906
N.E. Teel, Thomas Dunn, ElviraErie County 1876 PA 1876
Quincy, Curtis, Casteel, Groves, Quimby, Saxton, Wortz, Buell, Coldwater LakeBranch County 1915 MI 1915
Rold, Kelly, Lehmann, Nelson, Leslie, Wickman, Smith, Casteel, Davis, Casson, Rasmussen, Peterson, ThielenCass County 1989 IA 1989
Thomas Longley, Joseph E. Davis, Simeon Teel, William Clenny, Lakeville, Clay, Green, PennSt. Joseph County 1875 IN 1875