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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Bethel Baptist, Bethany Lutheran, Gospel Tabernacle, Running Valley Lutheran, Grace ChurchDunn County 1959 WI 1959
Evang. United Brethren, Methodist Church, Gospel Tabernacle ChurchRenville County 1962 MN 1962
Fellowship Tabernacle, First Presbyterian Church, The Salvation Army, Holy Name Catholic, Methodist, Wesleyan MethodistFloyd County 1960 IA 1960
First Presbyterian Church, Tabernacle Baptist, Ebenezer Presbyterian, Hope Reformed, Sacred Heart Catholic, Bethel MethodistLyon County 1962 IA 1962
Hillsdale Methodist Church, Gospel Tabernacle Church, Prairie Lake Evangelical Church, First Lutheran ChurchBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Walhalla Gospel Tabernacle, Brethren Number Four, Catholic, Pembina Lutheran Church, Baptist, BathgatePembina County 1958 ND 1958