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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Hawks Mountain House, Thos. R. Proctor, Union church, Monument, Woodstock ParkWindsor County 1869 VT 1869
Munson, McDowell, Larson, Saugstad, Lucas, Dawson, Pennell, Proctor, McCauley, Traastad, Weber, Husker, RamsettVernon County 1931 WI 1931
Pagel, Pope, Patterson, Pleggenkuhle, Potratz, Proctor, Recker, Rothlisberger, Schneider, Schott, Schultz, SiemsFayette County 1976 IA 1976
Proctor, Grossglauser, Muri, Gabert, Hogsett, GeigerMoniteau County 1920 MO 1920
Residence and Farm of John Proctor, CentrevilleAlameda County 1878 CA 1878
Whitford, Birchard, Wright, Wittenburg, Edel, Birchard, Niedert, Bruenberg, Proctor, Pogel, Gehrke, Lemke, Niedert, VolkerFayette County 1976 IA 1976