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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A. F. Brockman, W. F. Byary, W. O. Cox, John B. Chappell, J. Ernest Gates, Dr. H. H. Hartley, Davis and Iten, H. A. RichardsonKlickitat County 1913 Version 1 WA 1913
Amos Gearhart, D. U. Shappell, Residence, Farm View, Duchouquet Township, Noble TownshipAuglaize County 1898 OH 1898
Brockman, Byars, Cox, Chappell, Oates, Davis, Iten, RichardsonKlickitat County 1913 Version 2 WA 1913
Butikofer, Cahoon, Carlock, Carlson, Carnicle, Carroll, Cassutt, Chappell, Cherene, Chettinger, ChristeleitClayton County 1975 IA 1975
Garton, Chappell, McNealey, Caldwell, Jewitt, Guiles, Mason, Clem, McCullough, Baldridge, Reaugh, Briggs, HenrySullivan County 1897 MO 1897
Gonzales, Hoover, Pell, Kunz, Stander, Buster, Corbet, MooreCass County 1905 NE 1905
Hiram Roosa, Chas. Bray, Abraham Crispell, Horation FowksUlster County 1875 NY 1875
Wall, Clark, Keller, Locke, Gillett, Hoover, Brown, Hofling, Horr, Chappell, Sholl, Beach, Shaw, FoustNeosho County 1906 KS 1906