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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.F. Bigelow, R.P. Parrish, John McNeely Farm Residence, John McNeely Barn and Stock Yards, Kewanee, AnnawanHenry County 1875 IL 1875
Adsit, Johnson, Mays, Dean, Olsen, Parrish, Stevens, Siebken, Passo, Jacobs, Smith, Barrow, Hobza, Miller, LyonSaunders County 1907 NE 1907
Bender, Hooven, Fitton, Parrish, Jefferson School, Jackson School, Fitton, ParrishButler County 1914 OH 1914
Collier, John B. Dawson, Bovey, Parrish, HerrickTuscarawas County 1875 OH 1875
Gray, Coonradt, Barker, Parrish, Cooper, Lemon, Barker, McCurdy, Renner, Olson, HendersonMitchell County 1911 IA 1911
Holy Family Parrish, Belle, Sacred Heart, Nilson's Hardware, Upsala Motors, Golden Star MarineMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Home Loan and Building Assn., George W. Hunter, American Foundry and Machine, Parrish, Peau, RichterButler County 1914 OH 1914
Jacob Shoemaker, George B. Parrish, James Burr, Alabama, Alexander, N.Y.Genesee County 1876 NY 1876
Kasper, Knutson, Koch, Kranda, Langr, Larson, Maixner, Nelson, Nielsen, Parrish, Paulson, PfeiferSteele County 1970 MN 1970
Merrill, Zimble, Parrish, Lewis, Hadley, Sitter, Fromm, Whiteman, Nicholas, Ott, David, Anderson, Dale, Johnson, Gant, RittenhouseCowley County 1905 KS 1905
Nelson, Newbrauer, Nielson, Noble, Olson, Orends, Parrish, Paulson, Pete, Peterson, Pfeifer, PhelpsSteele County 1970 MN 1970
Page 466a - J. L. Parrish, John ParrishJefferson County 1878 Illustrated History NY 1878
Parrish, Link, Hunter, Brinkerhoff, Elsberry, Osborn, Lange, Foltz, Beals, Clapp, Smith, Harris, Wells, KidderEdgar County 1910 IL 1910
Person, Hallowell, Pieper, Parrish, correll, Glander, TriskaWashington County 1906 KS 1906
W.P. Parrish, George Bolton and P. Buckingham ResidencesPottawattamie County 1885 IA 1885