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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Hankins, Callow, Campbell, Fitzsimmons, Parmley, Carter, Vivian, LloydIowa County 1915 WI 1915
James Parmley, Seth FisherRock County 1873 WI 1873
Parmley, Carpenter, Watt, Parsons, Hiemstra, Mackey, Gardner, Horn, Eatwell, Kling, GibsonJasper County 1901 IA 1901
Peterson, Phippen, Rattenborg, Ross, Parmley, Nymand, Olson, Parmley, NissenAudubon County 1988 IA 1988
Schroeter, Petersen, Andersen, Stone, Christensens, Hansen, Plambeck, Parmley, PetersenAudubon County 1988 IA 1988
Schutt, Larsen, Van DenBerg, Hess, Sonntag, Petersen, Jensen, Andersen, Nissen, Barratt, parmley, LandonAudubon County 1988 IA 1988
Schwab, Hansen, Petersen, Hoegh, Parmley, Jensen, Nisson, Best, HuedepohlAudubon County 1988 IA 1988
State Normal School at Madison, J.W. Parmley, G.J. Barker, M.P. Beebe, E.W. Powers, and N.H. Kingman ResidencesSouth Dakota State Atlas 1904 SD 1904