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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Anderson, Paige, Kitelinger, Hahn, Green, Winterset, Hill, Wilson, Bell, MuhrAudubon County 1988 IA 1988
Crabill, Perrin, Hazzard, Laybourn, Eberly, Lightner, Paige, Gram, Whittredge, Windowmaker, OtstotClark County 1894 OH 1894
McClurg, Paige, Kent, Higginbotham, Palmer, Bayless, Doyal, Hines, GardClinton County 1878 IN 1878
Paige, FisherClinton County 1878 IN 1878
Schultz, Stuetelberg, Scholl, Poulin, Bramman, Hansen, Mikkelsen, Paige, Stamp, WursterCass County 2003 IA 2003
Soule, Foster, Burbridge, Crawford, Husson, Kincaid, Hope, Starr, Munn, Paige, McNally, Gage, HeynenSanilac County 1906 MI 1906
W. H. Paige and Co. Music House, W. S. Ryce Dry Goods, Grover and Baker Sewing Machine Office, N.H. BledsoeVigo County 1874 IN 1874