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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Anthony M. Ostrander Farm Residence, Rogers and Modesitt Ware House, Newton Rogers, Otter Creek, AthertonVigo County 1874 IN 1874
Fillmore Co. Hwy Dept, Greenleafton Church, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School, Ostrander, MuseumFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
McKenzie, Cutting, Ostrander, Bruns, Noe, Payne, Harvey, Rannells, Souhrada, Nielsen, Anderson, SwensonFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Mellencamp, Vrendenburgh, Frost Gear, Baker Drop, Moffitt, Wright, Flansburgh, Peterson, Ostrander, Lyons, PoxsonJackson County 1911 MI 1911
Ptacek, Ostrander Cemetery, Merkel, Becker, Bly, Nelson, Howard, Apenhorst, Kohn, Henderson, BackFillmore County 2003 MN 2003