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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Bates, Biss, Derby, Pikop, Shear, Thoulund, Schmidt, Nordby, Ricks, Christianson, RustandGrant County 1974 MN 1974
Graf, Nordby, Petersen, Busse, Wallace, Webb, TalsmaNobles County 1998 MN 1998
Huwe, Kako, Nordby, Thompson, Pederson, Bertram, Keranen, Lund, All Areas Welding CoBecker County 1992 MN 1992
Lysne, Paquin, Fall, Blake, Saunders, Salsbury, Nordby, Dutilly, Engebretson, Iscaason, Balog, CuperBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Martin, Schramski, Potsnak, Moskal, Cuper, Grivna, Larson, Leisz, Nordby, Brackee, Knutson, Rosen, LenselinkBarron County 1978 WI 1978
Murphy, Myhre, Nelson, Neufeld, Nickolauson, Niemi, Nieminen, Nordby, Nordgulen, Olson, OpsahlBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Nordby, Wallace, Talsma, Southwest Automotive and Repair, Sasse, Valhalla, KoopmanNobles County 1998 MN 1998
Pikula, Pederson, Bjerke, Eckert, Aho, Anderson, Nordby, Ferl, Shell, Tangen, Dockter, Kumara, RaderBecker County 2002 MN 2002
Wright, Wirth, Hamm, Eggert, Ramsey, Moskal, Linselink, Martin, Wegan, Nordby, Marlett, Barthman, RoweBarron County 1978 WI 1978