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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Anderson, Roseni Lutheran, Nora Store, Johnson, Lerseth, Wevik, Erickson, Kirkle HomeUnion County 1992 SD 1992
Charles W. Barnes, Dr. B. Spence, George Roberts, Glenora, Rock stream, Seneca LakeYates County 1876 NY 1876
D. A. Dewin, Isaac Hare, A. W. Wade, J. J. Houdek, G. T. Harris, Allen Jones, H. W. Miessner, Ellinora, W. H. MaxwellHand County 1910 SD 1910
Frank and Ellizabeth Cotter, Hugh and Dorothy Fettkether, Talph Kroerner Family, Dallas and Nora LangeBlackhawk County 1966 IA 1966
Grace, Frank, Royal Duke of Gloster, Nora, Degen Brothers, E. M. Galloway, Stockland Farm, Esmal, BazaineMarion County 1875 MO 1875
Maple Sheyenne Lutheran, First Presbyterian, Absaraka, Herby, St. Benedict Catholic, Nora ChurchCass County 1957 ND 1957
O'Harrow, Smith, Heaford, Nora Springs, Almon, White, Seeley, O'Donnell, Hinrich, McMurray, HansonCerro Gordo County 1978 IA 1978
St. Paul Lutheron Church, United Methodist, Fock Falls School, St. Peter, Mason Township, Plymouth, Nora SpringsCerro Gordo County 1978 IA 1978