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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.T. Peck, Evergreen Terrace, Nathan Salisbury, Scott, N.Y.Cortland County 1876 NY 1876
Albert Lucas, Res of Nathan Marine, Res of Late Thomas M LucasGrant County 1877 IN 1877
Alex Rowan, Wm. A. Jones, Nathan Balding, Residence, Bledsoe and Co., Pimento Coal and Mining CompanysVigo County 1874 IN 1874
Alfred Edwards, W.R Hoel, Nathan Jones, Tom Wilson, Joseph HainesWarren County 1875 OH 1875
B.Schwartz, L. Nathan, D.Davis, Verona Vine and Orchard Co., George Thyarks, I.A. Richie Ranch and ResidenceTulare County 1892 CA 1892
Bending Factory, Subael Lewis, Roscoe C. Allen, C.W. Williamson, John Chase, Nathan H. DavisMonroe County 1876 MI 1876
Citizens Bank, P. Ahlefeld, Peter Ahlefeld, Nathan, Residence, Farm, AdaHardin County 1879 OH 1879
Edward Edgar, Nathan Reed, Martin Reeder, T.W.Kizer, John DiggsRandolph County 1882 IN 1882
Edward Renbarger, Samuel McClure, Nathan Frazier, Lewis Jenkins, SN Woolman, Thomas PrickettGrant County 1877 IN 1877
I.G. McLane, Nathan ChesterKankakee County 1883 IL 1883
J.F. Clausing, Nathan Gardner, Edward Burt, Thomas Secor, Perry Coy, Mathew SmithlinLucas County and Part of Wood County 1875 Including Toledo OH 1875
J.W. Ingersoll, James K. Magie, Nathan OvermanFulton County 1871 IL 1871
J.W. Lake, James C. Peed, Daniel Waltz, Albert Wood, Jacob Clapper, Nathan MillikanHenry County 1875 IN 1875
J.W.A. Gillespie Residence, English and French School, Miss Belle M. Westfall, Mrs. Matthias Brant, Nathan JacobylButler County 1875 OH 1875
James T. Mahaffey, Nathan HowardUnion County 1877 OH 1877
Jesse E Wilson, Nathan D WilsonGrant County 1877 IN 1877
John Mc.Crary, Nathan Smith, Mrs. Susannah Morison, Maria C. Wheeler, Joshua Cope, Residence, Farm, DudleyHardin County 1879 OH 1879
John Wood, Nathan Wood, A W Vincent, Augustus Wood, George WoodPorter County 1876 IN 1876
McKenna, Meseck, Meyer, Mickelson, Miller, Mills, Mohn, Moore, Morrow, Mosbo, Mueller, Nathan, NealBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Opera House, M.E. Church, Nathan Roberts and W.A. Starbuck ResidencesClinton County 1903 OH 1903
Page 458a - Nathan HollowayJefferson County 1878 Illustrated History NY 1878
Perry, Jinks, Pritchard, Alvin Countryman, Killbuck River Farm, Nathan CountrymanOgle County 1872 IL 1872
Samuel Olin, Jane Sears, Nathan Sears, McGrewPortage County 1874 OH 1874
Thomas I. Ballentine, Henry P. Day, nathan R. Jerald, Charles T. Lambert, Robert M. Hanna, Jacob B. Barnes, Henry M. PindellPeoria City and County 1896 IL 1896
Wm. Weatherby, Nathan Shumway, David QuickLenawee County 1874 MI 1874