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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A.S. Prickitt, L.W. Loomis, Old Maids KitchenSummit County 1874 OH 1874
C.D. Gage, W. Pool and Weiss, M.F. Loomis, Owen Bannon, Chas Bach, Notting and Kessler, G.W. DennistonFond du Lac 1874 WI 1874
C.N. Lyman, E.G. Loomis, Eli Overholt, Aaron PardeeMedina County 1874 OH 1874
E.F. Stockwell, Loomis, Brainard, R. Fuller, John V. WhitneyLake and Geauga Counties 1874 OH 1874
Felmy, Davis, Herrick, St. John's Church, Keller Brick co., Rair Oak Villa, Loomis, SanatoriumSummit County 1910 OH 1910
Guy Loomis, Christian Johnson, Kestekin, Allan Philips, Gordon Norby, Lefty Wilbur, Erhardt Schultz, FimreiteBuffalo County 1966 WI 1966
H.E. Loomis, Hummel and CardoniClarke County 1875 OH 1875
Hanford Bros. Paper Mills, L.W. Loomis, G. Parks and Bro.Summit County 1874 OH 1874
Harris J. Loomis, Joseph RogersPortage County 1874 OH 1874
Hower, Loomis, Clapp, Parmelee, Gridley, Yoder, Hoover, Waite, Joline, Shulenberger, Wells, FirestoneMedina County 1897 OH 1897
Joel Loomis, E.M. Phelps, Hover, SchneiderAuglaize County 1880 OH 1880
John W. Williams, Permilla Briggs, Nathaniel Loomis, Maria Fitch, Middlesex, N.Y.Yates County 1876 NY 1876
Klopp, Nelson, Knecht, Albertson Oscar Fimreite, Julson, Amidon, Stevens, Loomis, Fin, Rognhoet Bros.Buffalo County 1966 WI 1966
Leyh, Light, Lighty, Lincoln, Little, Loftus, Loomis, Love, Loyd, Lubbert, LuederFayette County 1976 IA 1976
Ling, Loew, Lonipa, Loomis, Lynch, Madison, Matoll, Mavek, Metznbauer, Michels, Miller, MohnChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Loomis, Hartigan, Stubblefield, Ure, Benney, Frost, McGlumphy, Greenwood, Harrell, Rigdon, ColvinCaldwell County 1917 MO 1917
Loomis, Samuel Lovejoy, Mowry Brown, Robert J. Cross, L. M. Taft, J. P. JonesWinnebago County and Boone County 1886 IL 1886
Marvin Franzwa Farm, Bauer Farm, Loomis Farm, Clarence Poeschel FarmBuffalo County 1966 WI 1966
O.H. Loomis and Sons Agricultural Warehouse, Residence, Library Hall, KewaneeHenry County 1875 IL 1875
Page 332a - A. Loomis, Mrs. Lucina LoomisJefferson County 1878 Illustrated History NY 1878
Shepherd, Wilder, Carlile, Davis, Pattee, Loomis, Shuck, Custer, McNown, Carter, Bowers, BaxterWoodward County 1910 OK 1910
Showalter, Trail, Hale, Dawes, Moos, Hively, Heinze, Loomis, Meeks, Turner, MedfordThomas County 1928 KS 1928
Smith, Loomis, Biggs, Mitchell, Firestone, Webster, Pitts, Pierce, Ebert, Springer, Gentry, WellsGrant County 1907 OK 1907
Spear, Frampton, Goodin, Jackson, Smith, Steiger, Loomis, Thummell, Jones, Killion, Dixon, MorganNodaway County 1911 MO 1911
T. G. Loomis, Dyer StrongMedina County 1874 OH 1874
Winters, Dicks, Loomis, Barnett, PritzMontgomery County 1875 OH 1875