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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A. Syme's Flouring Mills, Lincoln Co., R. H. Johnson, Central Wisconsin Steam Printing, Chas. W. Lund, New London HouseWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
Col. G.E. Ross - Res., Lohr and Son, The London TimesMadison County 1875 OH 1875
Olson, Bulshizer, London Deer Creek Cemetery, Sawin, Stevens, Peterson, Gordon, Trainer, Julson, MoretzWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Wm. Farrar, London Carriage CompanyMadison County 1875 OH 1875
Wm. N. Goslee, James H. Goslee, Dr. C. W. Ballard Residence, Fountain Lake, Albert Lea, London, Freeborn CountyMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874