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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
A. Jacobs, Lime Works and Stone Quarry Washington Srowfe, Livery and feed of R.E. Richardson, John RifeGreene County 1874 OH 1874
A.J. Baldwin's Livery Feed Stables, Dr. Daniel Bowman, David Kirkland, Mary T. AmosGreene County 1873 IL 1873
Aldrich and Corbin Livery, Ording and Glass Store, Inghram, Osborn, Dingledine, SlingerlandAdams County 1872 IL 1872
Anderson Meat Market, Bahlmann, Simonson, Davis, Durst Livery, Pfeifer Undertaker, LehmannDuPage County 1904 IL 1904
Bradshaw and Wetz Stable, American Hoiuse, Livery Feed and Sale StableKnox County 1870 IL 1870
Cascade, J. A. Kurt Livery Stable, Bisenius and Sauser Dry Goods and GroceriesDubuque County 1906 IA 1906
Chas. Ellis, O.F. Peck, Geo. Beyer, W.H. Phillips Residence and Livery Staple, C.S. Hart, W.H. Philips FarmWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
Coleman's Livery and Undertaking, Schemm, Old BrewerySaginaw County 1896 MI 1896
E.D. Castle, R. Scally Livery Stable and Residence, B.B. Smith Ranch, Charles OettleTulare County 1892 CA 1892
Edward Sexton, Eureka Livery StableWashington County 1876 PA 1876
Erckenbrack, First National Bank, Fergus Ice Cream Co, Calkins Livery, Battle Lake HouseOtter Tail County 1912 MN 1912
Frank Hall, a. M. Johnson, Lieut. Gov. Thos. H. Armstrong, Residence, Bank, D. K. Stacy and Co., Livery StableMinnesota State Atlas 1874 MN 1874
Furrer, Pudwill, Donner, Roloff, Pudwill, Maercklein, Breitling, Ashley Livery, Johnson, WilsonMcIntosh County 1911 ND 1911
Gardners Livery Sale & Feed, McCrea Grain & Lumber, McCrea, Shinkel, HathawayOgle County 1872 IL 1872
George Reed, South Side Baptist Church, D.D. Sbin, Beckington Livery & Stable, J. PlaneBoone County 1886 IL 1886
Gieseke Livery Barn, Retzlaff Block, Center Street Livery BarnBrown County 1905 MN 1905
Henry Hunsaker Ranch, H.S. Backman Grand Livery and Feed Stable, Frank HoweTulare County 1892 CA 1892
Hinsdale Hotel & Livery & Boarding Stable, Coggswell Residence, Fischer Residence, Plagge ResidenceDuPage County 1874 IL 1874
Hitt and Mathews, Livery Stable, Theophilus Rimbey, Farm Residence, Henry, H. Whalin, W.W. Dinsmore, MurrayvilleMorgan County 1872 IL 1872
Hotel Julien, Jefferson House, Metropolitan Livery, Laude Butter and EggsDubuque County 1906 IA 1906
I.N. Cool's Livery Stable, Ensley Block, Snyder, Joseph Abright's Jewelry StoreDeKalb County 1880 IN 1880
J.B. Gardiner, Thomas J. Carlin, P. Fenity Residence, City Livery Stable, CarrolltonGreene County 1873 IL 1873
J.K. Ely, O.J. Booth Farm Residence, J. Southcomb's Livery Stable, Brundy Co. Court HouseGrundy County 1874 IL 1874
J.V. Huffaker, Overland Livery Stable, Joseph Spier and Son, Visalia Orchard and Nursery, J.B. O'Connors ResidenceTulare County 1892 CA 1892
J.W. Halker, Henry Fiff and G.B. Brinkman Residences, King's Hall, Hoffmeyer and Smith Livery and Feed Stable, M. Harmon StorePutnam County 1895 OH 1895
John Paine, Livery Stable, Watkins and Scott, Hensley House, W.G. Campbell, Wm WinslowSanta Clara County 1876 CA 1876
L. M. Cook, Evans, Magill, L. A. Burnett, Higdon Walls Livery, Mammoth Stable, Fouts Hunter, Wildy PothsVigo County 1874 IN 1874
M. Wolf, Esq., Jones and Reardon Livery Stable, James Hagan, Auzerais House Park, S. W. ChurchillSanta Clara County 1876 CA 1876
Maple Grove Farm, Rowell & Sanford, Agricultural Warehouse & Livery Stable, Stine BrosStephenson County 1871 IL 1871
Mill Property of EW Bishopp, Livery Stable of LovettIroquois County 1884 Microfilm IL 1884
Minert Mills, Hight's Livery, Josiah Sawyer, Jesse WhitesideTazewell County 1873 IL 1873
Mitts Livery, Longnecker, Basler, Burke Hotel, Hart, Kuemper, Farrelly, Tribe of Ben HurCarroll County 1906 IA 1906
Pellant's Barber Shop, Lumber Yard, City Drug Store, Scenes at Fort Hill, Eickholt Livery, Hillesheim, Palmer, HenleBrown County 1905 MN 1905
Rich Valley Farm, Sugar Grove, Jackson and Woodson's Livery, Feed and Board StablesRoss County 1875 OH 1875
St. Boniface Church, J. Graham Livery Stable, Thomas Miller, S. E. Miller, Christina MillerSpencer County 1879 IN 1879
Thomas N. Miller, Chastina Miller, J. Graham Livery Stable, St. Boniface ChurchSpencer County 1879 Microfilm IN 1879
Thompson Farm, Nelson Residence, Schroeder Residence, Howard Farm, Peterson Livery, Pleasant Valley FarmAdams County 1917 ND 1917
Tremont House, Jester & Co, Selway Livery Stable, Drew Meat Market, Langfor & WoodruffClark County 1896 MO 1896
Warren Gas Light Co., Buckeye Cider and Jelly Factory, Loveless and Son Livery and Feed Barn, HarrisTrumbull County 1899 OH 1899
Wm. Ochs, Thos. Espy, Kenton Flouring Mills, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Kenton, Hardin CountyHardin County 1879 OH 1879