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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Franklin Phelps, J.B. Lillie, W.L. Norton, Eliphalet Walcott, M.W. CarrOttawa and Kent Counties 1876 MI 1876
Henry Baker, Bayless, James Lillie, Dr. J. H. Jones, George W. NusbaumIndiana State Atlas 1876 IN 1876
Lentz, Lewis, Lien, Lillie, Lindblad, Lindemer, Livingston, Louis, William Ludy, Carl Lidwikowski, Earl LundBarron County 1978 WI 1978
Traction Breaker of Van Dyke, Grassel Cattle, Gaston Farm, Lillie Farm, Scott Residence, GrunewaldtSanborn County 1912 SD 1912
Will T. Squire, A. L. Clayton, Lillie L. Crawford, N. A. Palmer, S. R. Arnold, Arthur FellowsKitsap County 1909 WA 1909