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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Hubbell, Wolz, Tolle, McCulley, Clem, Hotel Harber, Gipson, Vencill, Pille, Nichols and Napoleon, Hamilton, WeensGrundy County 1915 MO 1915
James E. McFarland, Leon C. MagawCrawford County 1876 PA 1876
Korwes, Earl, Sievers, Wurr, Kraus, Drees, Sorenson, Kastle, Century, Boell, Thorn, Leon, BruggemanCarroll County 2002 IA 2002
Mt.Pleasant 4-H Group, Scout Troop 74, Leon Stickers 4-H Group, Millstream Square ClubWhiteside County 1967 IL 1967
Thomas N. McElwain, Jane, Sarah, George, Half Blood Norman, Prince Alexis, Napoleon, BobFayette County 1875 OH 1875