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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Blevins, Wolfinbarger, Wardell, Langley, Pineville County Jail, Manning, Bowers, Wolfenbarger, Horton, SpencerMcDonald County 1909 MO 1909
Bueter, McCroskey, Koch, Samuelson, Hunnicutt, Langley, Nebergall, Ford, Geary, Wright, AcheyCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Geo B. Langley, Wm. H. M'Gear, O.O. ShumwayCumberland County 1876 NJ 1876
Houchin Residence & Farm, Langley Farm ResidenceMason County 1874 IL 1874
Keveny, Cooke, Perry, Newkirk, Barbour, Langley, Shoemaker, Gravier, EllairWayne County 1876 with Detroit MI 1876
Kuster, Lafrenz, Laing, Lamont, Lamp, Lange, Langley, Laughlin, Keach, LehrmanCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Myers, Humerickhouse, Overly, Juergensen, Stephens, Siebenaler, Langley, thrasher, BrickleyLyon County 1918 KS 1918
Tacker, Langley, Horton, Robinson, McNeill, Wann, Dewitt, Epperson, Sullivan, Peck, Taylor, HazelbakerMcDonald County 1909 MO 1909