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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Dunham, Fortier, Sutton, Lewis, Lindley, Speedie, Heavisides, Nutt, Montelius, Schneider, Flagg, Taylor, ShearerFord County 1901 IL 1901
Fever, Collins, Clagg, Atkin, Beebe, Ives, Brooks, Richardson, Tripp, Hendershot, Ramsdell, Green, HaydenLenawee County 1916 MI 1916
Flagg, Miller, EdwardsMiami County 1877 IN 1877
H. Bueber, L. Lagg, N. Peters Children, R. Jerke, H. Bitterman, E. Frey, P. Berry, O. Schmidt, C. Berry, E. Jerke, W. FidelerDouglas County 1968 SD 1968
O. Schmidt, R. Lagg, H. Struck, C. Berry, E. Jerke, J. Pietz, H. Ulmer, Sand Pit on A. Hieb Farm, L. Liebert Farm, E. EbrightDouglas County 1968 SD 1968
Paddock's Grove, W. C. Flagg, Josiah P. OwensMadison County 1873 IL 1873
Paddocks Grove Residence, Cedar Crescent Residence of Flagg, Owens Farm ViewMadison County 1873 Microfilm IL 1873