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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Ackermann, Olsen, Baker, McKinsey, Foster, Willows Farm, Frantz, Booth, Lambert, Cashman Ward County 1915 ND 1915
Bird, Crum, Kinsey, Barnes, Perdue, Vogel Holmes County 1907 OH 1907
Eby, Doddridge, Wolford, Kinsey, Beeson, Breidenbucher, Clevenger, Peiree, Manlove, Bertsch, Dye, Hunt Wayne County 1893 IN 1893
Eby, Kinsey, Beeson, Hurst, Judkins, Doddridge, Peiree, Waymire, Burgess, Williams, Wolford Wayne County 1893 IN 1893
Helmick, Drake, McKinsey, Morehead, Parli, Dall, Watkins, Hendricks, Ayers, Prichard, Fisher Richardson County 1963 NE 1963
Hodge and Hinkle, McKinsey, Miller Clinton County 1878 IN 1878
Kinsey, Hollingsworth, Westcott, Ten Eick, Mc.Cune, Allin Residence Johnson County 1870 IA 1870
Page 073 - Kinsey, Jesse Hall, Fisher, Geo. H. Rinkenberger, Frank J. Wilkins Tazewell County 1929 IL 1929
Perry Frazer, John Herschberger, Kinsey, Mahler Peoria County 1873 IL 1873
Silver, Miller, Weissgerber, Gentner, Duffield, Beck, Heminger, Michael, DeHart, Dooley, Dodds, Kinsey, McCullough Van Buren County 1918 IA 1918
St. Josephs Church, George Spitler, Manases Kinsey, O. Hall Monroe County 1876 MI 1876