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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
First National Bank of Shawneetown, Fulton Brewery, Thomas Kincaid Res, Wm. Bowman Res, Franklin Brewery Illinois State Atlas 1876 IL 1876
Indian Point Cemetery, Kincaid, Kirk, Turner, Rankin Menard County 1874 IL 1874
John H. Kincaid, Peter McKenzie Adams County 1880 OH 1880
Kincaid, Hoy, Woody, Moore, Stephenson, Robinson, Graves, Ralston, Pyles, Plew, Gillaspie, Heath, Frazier, Ridout, Caldwell Boone County 1904 IN 1904
McNew Homw, Kallenberger Residence, Yoakum Residence, Pope Residence, Kincaid Residence Ray County 1914 MO 1914
Methodist Church, Rogers, Hotel Waterville, Kincaid, Summers, Frederick, Harris, Jennsen, Hendricks, Loebsack, Dowd Douglas County 1915 WA 1915
Providence School, Cassady, Tate, Mt. Vernon, McPike, Kincaid, Bross, Hoehne, Miller, Rollins, Potter, Benbow, Franklin Marion County 1913 MO 1913
Soule, Foster, Burbridge, Crawford, Husson, Kincaid, Hope, Starr, Munn, Paige, McNally, Gage, Heynen Sanilac County 1906 MI 1906
Susan Barnhisel, JOnathan Shook, Girard Stove Works, Stambaugh, Cartney, Walker, Kincaid, Wilson, Johnson Trumbull County 1874 OH 1874
Warren School, Kincaid School House, Dist. No. 1, T. 57, R. 8 Marion County 1902 MO 1902