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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Blakesley, Forrest, Gregory, Ballard, Burton, Mason McHenry County 1872 IL 1872
Boorman, Fudge, Rudolph, Scholl, Blakesley, Swan, Wright, Wheatley, Welsh, Irving Cass County 1900 IA 1900
Butler County Hall of Fame - Cupola From Olde County Court House, Greene Post Office, Kesley, St. John's Lutheran Church Butler County 2000 IA 2000
Henry Blakesley, Walnut Grove Stock Farm, D.D. Perry, Residence, G.W. Shupe and Willis Westbrook Kansas State Atlas 1887 KS 1887
Kesley, VanDyke, LaRue, Terrill, Hudson, Schmidt, Tupper, Dietz, Crawford, Harms, Bierman, Schurman, Buseman, Terfehn Butler County 2000 IA 2000
Meyer, Schipper, Kesley, Mulder, Anderson, Schipper, Mobley, Oldenburger, Bouchard, Lentz, Johnson, Dudley, Kliege Butler County 2000 IA 2000
Schmidt, Angstman, Terfehn, Grandon, Frey, Kesley, Brown, Crawford, Barritt, VanDyke, Nolte Butler County 2000 IA 2000
Ulfers, Busma, Reiher, Schipper, Sumter, Folkerts, Reints, Reiher, Kesley Ag Center Butler County 2000 IA 2000