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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Baker, Pendergroft, Keith, Graves, Hendren, Hamilton, John, Funk, Cook, Morris Benton County 1903 AR 1903
Bedford, Sampson, Smith, Swanberg, Dehnel, Roskam, Faragher, Keith, Latourell, Coltas Nobles County 1914 Ogle MN 1914
Beitz, Talmadge, Miles Turnis, Winch, Keith, Hanson, Nelson, Shover Delaware County 1968 IA 1968
Brown Residence, Brickyard of Risinger & Dietrich, Lewins Saloon, Keith Farm Residence Mason County 1874 IL 1874
Charles Janota, Keith Jensen, Jergenson, Jerry, Ron Jeschke, Donald Jilek, Johnson Barron County 1978 WI 1978
Clark Residence, Wall, Gulley, Hughes, Kallenberger, Elks Hall, Pioneer Farm, Eslinger, Keith Residence Ray County 1914 MO 1914
D. Wit, Pleasant Ridge School, J. Wit, O. Woodside, N. Keith, Hubbell Flood 41, N. Keith, L. Fry, Bowmann, Hubbell H. S. Thayer County 1976 NE 1976
Darrell's Place, Darrell and Marilyn Munch, Wally Erickson, Keith Christensen, Dean Erickson Audubon County 1988 IA 1988
Elkhorn Elevator, Inc., Grabill Kennels, Rex, Keith, Sam and alvin Grabill Audubon County 1988 IA 1988
Frank Biel, Keith Stephens, William Chmilek, Chapek, Gary Boese, Roshell, Vernon Bell, Kohls, Langeberg Chippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Goodman, Reed, Weber, Carpenter, Kinney, Arends, Keith, Kaufman, Mottier, Ferris, Henderson, Skog, McCabe Ford County 1901 IL 1901
Green, Peery, Keith, Hine, Cornwell, Cross, Jackson, Jones, Golden, Border, McCracken, Trenton Grundy County 1915 MO 1915
Gulley, Allen, Huston, Keith, Reaume, Maxwell, Tinham, Ranspach, Stewart, Lapham Wayne County 1876 with Detroit MI 1876
Hotel Farr, Miller, Findley, Fox, Keith, Tucker, Lobdell, Good, Coldwater, Cemetery Lake Branch County 1915 MI 1915
Jackson, Sweatman, Chaffe, Adams, Hammon, Wright, Loop, Foote, Kucker, Nott, Keith, Marean, Dean, Lucas, Ramsay Boone County 1905 IL 1905
Keith, Ervin, Hafley, Elliot, Valerius, Ward, King, Overton, Maxwell, Dry, Farmer, Jackson, Bunge, McNulty Perry County 1902 IL 1902
King, Brown, Yates, Davis, Hill, Luce, Meyers, Johnson, Cline, Keith, Blake, Dewane, Farmer, Wait Boone County 1905 IL 1905
Larson, Lawson, Keith, Lee, Lenth, final Clayton County 1975 IA 1975
Lewis Keith, S.K. Pottinger La Porte County 1874 IN 1874
Luxemburg, Swanson, Hickman, Nelson, Morgans Furniture, Climax Credit Union, Keith Solum Insurance Marshall County 1982 MN 1982
P.G. Keith Residence, Santa Clara Santa Clara County 1876 CA 1876
Preston, George Keith, Conderman, Welty, Keefer, Clear Lake Farm, James Porter Lee County 1872 IL 1872
Stratman, Witt, Baker, Pasch, Boone, Jachson, Sullivan, Keith, Zinke, Harmel, Pederson Monroe County 1994 WI 1994