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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Clark, Powers, Jenstad, Olson, Hjelle, West, Thompson, Puchalski, Clow, Keep, Anderson, Grant County Health Grant County 1996 MN 1996
Durkee, Keep, Nyquist, Stock, Reuss, Elmquist, Bredy, Hedstrom Grant County 1996 MN 1996
Elmquist, Nelson, Nyquist, Backman, Johnson, Anderson, Long, Keep, Weiland, Bredy, Durkee, Christensen Grant County 1996 MN 1996
I.L. Inskeep, Fairview, Clover Hill, John Robson Farm View and Residence, N.F. Graves Residence Kansas State Atlas 1887 KS 1887
Keep, Bredy, Swenson, Nelson, Nyquist, Elmquist, Nadgwick, Swenson, Pasche, Hedstrom, Anderson, Johnson Grant County 1996 MN 1996
Page 219a - Henry Keep Home Building Jefferson County 1878 Illustrated History NY 1878
Shervey, Berg, Hyttstens, Thompson, Apland, Hubbard, Benson, Keep, Leraas, Hartman, Stoddard Grant County 1996 MN 1996
Weigand, Westlund, Johnson, Reuss, Alvstad, Symonds, Elmquist, Shervey, Keep, Leraas, Bartell, Balgaard, Westlund Grant County 1996 MN 1996