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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Buntin and Armstrong Pharmacists, Tuel, Ripley and Deming, Wholesale Dry Goods, Shryer Brothers, Samuel McKeen, Col. Wm. E. McLean Vigo County 1874 IN 1874
Courtney, Poler, Keen, Rath, Ogden, Moss Residence, Antigo Confectionery Co Langlade County 1913 WI 1913
Frank McKeen, D. W. Minshall Residence, Terre Haute Vigo County 1895 IN 1895
Harold, Wilson, Burnham, Neligh, Hansen, Melick, Offill, Closson, McKeen, Stewart Antelope County 1904 NE 1904
Keen, Lowe, Malzacher, Linnehan, Gilbertson, Mullenberg, Zwiefel, Steinhoff, Matson, Trescher, Green, Leis Monroe County 1994 WI 1994
Kennedy and Co., Mc.Keen, Fancy Flours, Lily White, Wilson Bros. Hunley, Emporium, Gulick and Berry Vigo County 1874 IN 1874
Olson, Waterbury, Meyerdirk, Pritts, Berg, Snapp, Keen, Ganger, Caave, Hammer, Pasley, Henke, Bliek, Jaminet Cherokee County 1992 IA 1992
Salem Lutheran, Rice Lake Evang., Immanuel Evang. Methodist, Guckeen, Shiloh, Trinity, Mansfield, South Blue Earth Church Faribault County 1962 MN 1962
Sloan, Peters, Keen, Meuth, McNeill, Hawson, Story, Widman, Wolter, See, Smith, Tiede, Fett Clayton County 1902 IA 1902