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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Ellyn Meisinger, Louis Friedrichs, Jim Meyer, V.W. Hild, De Forest Brown AirportCass County 1963 Published by Standard Atlas Co NE 1963
Daryl Fanetti, Thomas Schwartz, Hilger, Roger Schroetter, Herbert Vahlenkamp, Jim HilgerChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
George E. MOrse, Jim Patchen, James sherlock, David RothIowa County 1900 IA 1900
Heeren, Matthiesen, Lenz, State Bank of Lismore, Spieker's Retrievers, Jim Von Holtum Auction ServiceNobles County 1998 MN 1998
Larson, Jim Biss, Kruize, Larson, Donald Kruize, Pikop, Apland, Pattison, Kjomess, EllesenGrant County 1996 MN 1996
Lincolnville School, Jim P. Ross and Jim M. Amoss - ResidenceWabash County 1875 IN 1875
Old Abe Baseball Team, Crescent Team, Brownsville Baseball Team, Sokol Gyml Group, Jim Falls Little LeagueChippewa County 1969 WI 1969
Red Jim, G.H. King, Franklin SylvesterMedina County 1874 OH 1874
Schofields Mill, Jim River, Homes & Schools - Thomson, Schrader, Cornwell, Moller, KnappeDavison County 1901 SD 1901
Tacoma Park, I.H. Welch Residence, Bridge over the Jim, Sheep, Platte CreamerySouth Dakota State Atlas 1904 SD 1904
Theisen, Goldsmith, Gibbsten Farm, Jim RichterDelaware County 1988 IA 1988
Torgerson, Trites, Reemts, Barker, Henrikson, Karasch, Krider, Karasch, Butcher, Witt, Jim Trites FarmOtter Tail County 1995 MN 1995