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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
George Bast and Son, C. Hossfeld and Son Co., C.S. Jacobi, Geo. KrebsButler County 1914 OH 1914
Jacobi, Ford, Dorcas, Cone, Doermann, Ruggeberg, Crispin, billick, Moes, HippleCedar County 1977 IA 1977
Jacobi, Jacobs, Jacobsen, Jaeger, Jargo, Jebsen, Johnson, Jordan, JostClinton County 1981 IA 1981
Kinney, Pinter, LeMar, McGuire, McDonald, Cousins, Dohrmann, Roling, DeGraw, Jacobi, Mouchka, Bentley, PaarmannClinton County 1966 IA 1966