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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Deline, Tenney, Brackney, Hood, Pickford, Downing, Rathbun, Nixon, Ansted, Walker, Ives, CaseLenawee County 1916 MI 1916
Farm - Gideon Ives, Farm - Austin WheelerWisconsin State Atlas 1878 WI 1878
Fever, Collins, Clagg, Atkin, Beebe, Ives, Brooks, Richardson, Tripp, Hendershot, Ramsdell, Green, HaydenLenawee County 1916 MI 1916
Geuder, Palmer, Herzog, Kraus, Lundt, Noack, Jolly Ridge School, Nuehring, Aulives, Willie, BorcherdingClayton County 1975 IA 1975
Henningsen, Henie, Hillesheim, Hinz, Hoecherl, Hofschild, Holm, Heidemann, Ives, Juenemann, Kettner, KleperBrown County 1905 MN 1905
Henry Ives, Thomas Yates, I.H. Woodruff, W.H. G. Post, Jonathan Greene, W.W. Whitcomb, Batavia, N.Y.Genesee County 1876 NY 1876
History 005 - Church, Jennings, Camp Ground, Lacey, Belcher, Ives, Sunfield MFG., Walter Block, Grand Ledge Sewer Pipe Co.Eaton County 1895 MI 1895
House of Representatives, Lewis, Moore, Corlett, Clarke, Ramsay, Benedict, Laird, Welden, Lamkin, Spaulding, JacobsonIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Latendresse, Johnson, Dobner, Ives, Lundgren, Fournet Furniture Store, Kratka, Odegard, DingmannRed Lake County 1911 MN 1911
Latendresse, Johnson, Dobner, Ives, Lundgren, Fournet, Mittwer, Kratka, Odengard, Digmann, MellbyPennington County 1911 Ogle MN 1911
Reaney, Donaldson, Metzger, Ives, Weber, Stone, Loan, Newell, Skinner, Grosjean, Dunham, Richards, JamisonLouisa County 1900 IA 1900
St. Francis Catholic Church, Henry Pujol, Evens Johnson, Dr. T.L. Rives, Francis Oberkoetter's Building, Jno. B. ThroSt. Charles County 1875 MO 1875