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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Ambrose Trumbo, Stock Farm, Residence, Fall River, La Salle CountyLa Salle County 1876 IL 1876
Anton, Kistler, Carmody, Ashlock, Driver, Carrico, Barnard, Maberry, St Johns Catholic, Masonic TempleGreene County 1915 IL 1915
Beer Garden and Brewery, C. L. Centlivre, St. Joe River, Fort WayneIndiana State Atlas 1876 IN 1876
Big For River, Interstate 35 in Bloomington, MinnesotaBrown County 1964 Published by Thomas O. Nelson Co MN 1964
Big Fork River, Interstate 35, Water Skiers, FishingNicollet County 1962 MN 1962
Big Fork River, Interstate 35, Water Skiing, FishingRenville County 1962 MN 1962
Big Fork River, Interstate 35, Waterskiing, FishingLac Qui Parle County 1962 MN 1962
Blacksmith, Pharmacy Robbery, Iron Bridge, Shell Rock River, Clarksville, Arends, Gerloff, Emery, Adair, Little Yellow SchoolButler County 2000 IA 2000
Blois Worman, James Whiteford, George Oliver, Iver Tilling, Theron Kringle, Golden Valley SchoolBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Boettner, Galena River, Nadig, Simon, Montgomery, CarleyJo Daviess County 1913 IL 1913
Boyer Valley, Missouri river Valley, Missouri River, Lake & BluffsHarrison County 1884 IA 1884
Brandeberry, Munson, Miller, Park, Ensign, Chamberlin, Vanwy, Luse, Mouery, Oliver, Barkley, ButtsTrumbull County 1899 OH 1899
Bresden Larson Lumber Col., Manyly Haskins, Cannon Ball River, David Bray, W.T. RoozenHettinger County 1917 ND 1917
Chamberlin, Bolliver, Coats, Cooney, Buikema, Esse, Behrens, Book, Conklen, Bennett, Buhrow, Curry, BensonWhiteside County 1967 IL 1967
Christensen, Davis, Hockenberry, Steffen, Sandhorst, Buckley, Shriver, Cullen, Rogers, Eilts, Behnken, BoysenCass County 1989 IA 1989
Conrad, Zellmer, Behrends, Christensen, Hildebrand, Page, Shriver, Ehrman, Stuetelberg, Sudmann, Hansen, ScarfCass County 1989 IA 1989
Delaware River, Delaware Literary Institute, FranklinDelaware County 1869 NY 1869
Delaware River, M.E. ChurchDelaware County 1869 NY 1869
Dolliver, Eshouse, Paugh, Peterson, Pastor Miller, BemisEmmet County 1970 IA 1970
Duncombe, Powers, Lindquist, Dolliver, Scheerer, Schulze, Hoyer, Post Office and Government BuildingWebster County 1909 IA 1909
Enerson, Hendrickson, Wideing Lost River, Homme, NelsonPolk County 1970 MN 1970
First Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Methodist, Deep River, Zion, St. Paul ChurchBottineau County 1959 ND 1959
Fish Hook Lake, Big Fork River, Big Marine Lake, Mississippi, Minnesota LakeFreeborn County 1965 MN 1965
Francis, McClatchey, Noble, Drzycimski, Rickman, Morgaard, Griffith, Holmberg, Driver, Luedke, Fastenow, PlagmanBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Fries, Fisk, Chaffee, Clapper, Hubanks, Sindt, Shriver, Dubois, Hough, Barglof, Schueneman, Weisbrod, AtwoodClay County 1909 IA 1909
Fulton, Fisher, Oliver, Compte, Christee, Molsberry, Lane, Carpenter, Rockwell, Harlan, Bowles, FergusonIowa State Atlas 1904 IA 1904
Gahanna River, W.T. Rees, William Chandler, Rev. J. B. Resler, Idalia Cottage, Westerville, GroveportFranklin County and Columbus 1872 OH 1872
George Shriver, C.O. Tannehill, John P. Culler, John FerrellAshland County 1874 OH 1874
Gill, Oliver, EmileyHuntington County 1879 IN 1879
Gragg, Miller, Heitz, Bramwell, Friesen, Saylor, Jenkins, Jones, Geist, Oliver, Love, HutchinsonReno County 1918 KS 1918
Gulliver, Dew, Bailey, Crary, Black, Wass, Harberts, Stevens, McBroom, Morrison, PeppermanGrundy County 1911 IA 1911
H. W. Elliott, M. A. Stiver, O. B. Harrauff, Frank GramppBureau County 1916 IL 1916
Hackman, Jasper, Birkhofer, Evans, Nelson, Davison, Hulstein, Lestine, Winter, Bickford, Brockberg, Shriver, ShanePipestone County 1989 MN 1989
Hathaway, Waldron, Smithk, Bowry, Schlza, Thompson, Reul, Halvorson, Shervick, Reed, Oliver, Berg, ThoniBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Henry Wiley, F. Tryon, J. T. Post, Stock Farm, Residence, Freedom, Fall River, Grand Rapids, La Salle CountyLa Salle County 1876 IL 1876
Herrity, Gary, Cox, Johnson, Olson, Missouri River, Anderton Farm, Collins ResidenceUnion County 1910 SD 1910
Hill, Coates, Tomlinson, Perry, Sparrow, Wilson, Hungerford, Kliver, Hill, Winter, Davis, Wise, DietrichsWorth County 2000 IA 2000
Hoffman, Dalzell, Jagodzinski, Greenwood, Hollerich, Stiver, Watson, LarkinBureau County 1905 IL 1905
Holden Lutheran, St. Genevieve, First Presbyterian, Salem, Immanuel, Mouse River, Zion ChurchBottineau County 1959 ND 1959
Hon. Louis Soule, Mrs. A. C. Parr, O. B. Crandal, Fall River, Manlius, Troy Grover, La Salle CountyLa Salle County 1876 IL 1876
Hotel Linden, sheldon, Eklund, Howg, Camerson, Plant, oliver, Beggen, Sorenson, Rockney, OdegaardRoberts County 1910 SD 1910
Howard, Bopp, Oran, Benson, Smith, Shriver, Dietel, Meinken, School, Oelwein, BankFayette County 1916 IA 1916
J. H. Palmer Residence, J. Leffler, Garrett, Danville Township, Flint River, Burlington, Des Moines CountyDes Moines County 1873 IA 1873
J.B. Wortendyke, Henry A. Hopper, Saddle River, Midland ParkBergen County 1876 NJ 1876
J.N.C. Schenck, Suspension Bridge over Great Miami river, J.W. ShipmanWarren County 1875 OH 1875
Jacob Cheever, C.C. Clark, James C. Frear, George L. Oliver, Lyman A. Curtiss, John HousemanLenawee County 1874 MI 1874
Jeremiah Willison, Sarah, Oliver, RoannaLicking County 1875 OH 1875
John Lazarus, Samuel Diver, Robert Fram, Sarah A. Morrell, H.D. HutsonPortage County 1874 OH 1874
John R. Paulison, Richard Romaine, Saddle River, RidgefieldBergen County 1876 NJ 1876
John Thomas, Catholic Church in Platte, Missouri River, river Hills, Hartung FarmCharles Mix County 1906 SD 1906
Johnson, Pratt, Nierenberg, Paulson, Sheyenne River, Leininger, Sundeen Residence, Norgard ResidenceGriggs County 1910 Microfilm ND 1910
Jordahl, Tokheim, Blue Mound, Bridge Across Rock River, Stoterau, Thompson, Magnolia SceneRock County 1914 MN 1914
Lake Winnebigoshish, Mississippi River, Upper Falls in Baptism State Park, Lake PokegamaLac Qui Parle County 1962 MN 1962
Lake Winneebigohish, Mississippi River, Baptism Lake, Lake PokegamaRenville County 1962 MN 1962
Lindsay, Ecker, Waters, Shriver, GettyCarroll County 1877 MD 1877
Lorenzo Dow, Seth J. Morey Residence, Maplewood School, Casco Mills, William L. Oliver, Camp PointAdams County 1872 IL 1872
McConochie, Parker, Guyer, Sweeney, Cleland, Walker, Cleaveland, Schriver, Brown, Potter TitteringtonRock Island County 1905 Microfilm and Orig Mix IL 1905
Menasha, Penokee, Grand Arch, Bad River, Hicks Lake, Bark Point, White River ViaductWisconsin State Atlas 1881 WI 1881
Mill Pond, Vermillion River, Marion Junction, Turner County Road, Henry Davis, Mrs. Cath. Chase, Union CreameryTurner County 1902 SD 1902
Miller, Lindsey, Goetz, Douglass, Vandiver, Williams, Robnett, Price, SextonBoone County 1917 MO 1917
Minnesota & Ontario Mill on Rainy River, Minneapolis Milling District, Mayo Clinic, Univ of MinnesotaLac Qui Parle County 1962 MN 1962
Minnesota and Ontario mill on Rainy River, Minneapolis milling district, May Clinic, University of MinnesotaRedwood County 1963 MN 1963
Minnesota and Ontario Mill, Rainy River, International Falls, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, University of Minnesota, Golden GophersFreeborn County 1965 MN 1965
Mueller, Myatt, Nicklaus, Nielsen, Niemann, Nierfeldt, Nissen, Oberman, Oliver, OlsonClinton County 1981 IA 1981
Muskingum River, Brokaw, Eaglepost, Muskingum River, Weber, Maloy, Everett Taylor, EagleportMorgan County 1902 OH 1902
Nelson, Bjelland, Dirkes, Covdes, Smity, Kurtzhel, Rustong, Immerdall, Oliver, Moin, Boortz, HalvorsonBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Oliver, Meseke, Lockhart, Henderson, Jones, Moreland, Cotton, Fields, Kerans, Babst, Burt, Strowig, Oehms, FreemanWabaunsee County 1902 KS 1902
Page 016 - Sheboygan river, Onion River, J. L. Sexton, Cedar LakeSheboygan County 1902 WI 1902
Passiaic River, Staten Island, Bronx ParkNew York City 1902 Geological Atlas of the United States Vol 83 NY 1902
Pearl River, NYRockland County 1876 NY 1876
Platt, Oliver, Newman, Jensen, Hendrickson, Borst, Sande, Momb, Texel, Russell, ButlerMountrail County 1917 ND 1917
Public Library, Hodges, Pierson, Greer, Baptist Church, Driver, Witt, Tucker, Methodist EpiscopalGreene County 1915 IL 1915
R. Meers, W. VanSkiver, D. Lichty, M. VanSkiver, D. DeVore, R. Mosier, Davenport Teachers, K. Schroeder, R. SisselThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Rainy River, International Falls, Flour Mills, Mayo Clinic, University of MinnesotaRenville County 1962 MN 1962
Ralph Brown, Chris. Miller, Scenes of Gilbertville, Cedar River, Gilbertville Milling Elevator and Lumber CompanyBlackhawk County 1966 IA 1966
Rezab, Liver, Sletto, Samson, Scarseth, Wadleigh, Soppa, Uhl, Enghagen, Eimon, Bolling, Harnden, WinsandTrempealeau County 1901 WI 1901
Ries, Holschlag, Baker, Crooks, Brannon, Deutsch, Tolliver, Koeningfeld, Weiss, Lynch, Glaser, Holthaus, Bohr, KuhnChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
Rose Free Dispensary, Union Depot, New Hope Cemetery, Highland Lawn Chapel, Wabash River, Collett ParkVigo County 1895 IN 1895
Rummel, Driver, Erickson, Lindloff, Young, Berg, Gullickson, Franko, MizerBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Satrum, Walter Mikkelson, Lincoln School, Fred Rix, Iver Hinseth, Erick LoeYankton County 1968 SD 1968
Schmidt, Oliver, Kuvendall, Old, Baldwin, Beckwith, Weatherly, Lucy, LoefflerGarfield County 1913 WA 1913
Schofields Mill, Jim River, Homes & Schools - Thomson, Schrader, Cornwell, Moller, KnappeDavison County 1901 SD 1901
Scholl, Schrier, Schuler, Schwartz, Shriver, Smith, Sothman, South, Steffen, Steinbeck, StenderCass County 1989 IA 1989
Schultz, Waterman, Turkey river, Lammers, Miller, Thein, Szemkus, Regal, Lammers, AndersonClayton County 1983 IA 1983
Sheboygan River, River Above Falls, Winter Scene of Onion River, Cedar LakeSheboygan County 1902 Microfilm WI 1902
Shipley, Randall, Ingram, Yelle, Germann, Waite, Streif, Paquin, Nelson, Schallo, Driver, CapraBarron County 1966 WI 1966
St. Crois River, Mille Lacs Lake, St. Lawrence Seaway, Two HaborsFreeborn County 1965 MN 1965
St. Joseph's Church, Holl, Webster, Sullivan, Driver, Dunn, Kienzle, Bergfield, Cole, Trotter, BuchanChampaign County 1913 IL 1913
Stabenow, Field, Shoemaker, Stewart, Pectonica River, Krape Park, Reeser, Mathiot, Bower, Albright, Benfer, Snyder, Hanson, MeyerStephenson County 1913 IL 1913
Stephens, Armstrong, Olsvig, Hiber, Schultz, Jones, Olson, Anton, Oliver, Fortuna, Gehrmann, Hanson, DarrakBarron County 1966 WI 1966
Sudman, Thiner, Waters, Stuetelberg, Woodruff, Neary, Shriver, Mennes, Behrends, Larsen, Boettsche, CommesCass County 1989 IA 1989
Sulphite Fibre Works, Black River, Fort Gratiot Light House, Pine Grove Park, Reish, Engel, Minnie, MeldrumSt. Clair County 1916 MI 1916
Swehla, Tenge, Testorff, Throndson, Tieskotter, Tilkes, Tindell, Tolliver, Tracy, TroynaChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
T.L. Cheney, Alden Marsh, Allegheny River, Gustavus AndersonWarren County 1878 PA 1878
Valley at Richmond, Whitewater River, County Infirmary, Doran Bridge, Sylvan Glen, Glen MillerWayne County 1893 IN 1893
W. Tracy, L. Traudt, H. Uden, W. Uden, R. Valek, L. Van Cleef, L. Vanderpool, W. VanSkiver, C. Vesely, L. Vetch, E. ViesselmeyerThayer County 1976 NE 1976
W.B. Sheldon, P.S. Oliver, Penn YanYates County 1876 NY 1876
Wyoming, Bridge Over the River, Castle Rock, Point of Rocks, Elmira Female CollegeTioga County 1869 NY 1869