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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Anderson, Engnell, Dhamers, Howell, Jacobson, Record, Brinkhoff, Benson, Hosford, Wenke, AllenHenry County 1911 IL 1911
Catlow, Vail, Guffin, Howell, Bennett, Larson, WoodardGrant County 1917 Published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co WA 1917
Catlow, Vail, Guffin, Howell, Bennett, Larson, Woodard, Sanders, Thiemens, Steele, RitterGrant County 1917 WA 1917
Chenoweth, Bauder, Van Ausdall, Clagett, Howell, Clark, Bischoff, Staub, WillsonLee County 1874 IA 1874
Davis, Hogue, Thielbar, Kreisman, Pulsifer, Howell, Pratt, Wilkinson, McCullohPeoria County 1873 IL 1873
Duncan, Wightman, Powell, Brock, Wendt, Kay, Perry, Howell, Hogate, Prouty, Prederickson, Martin, Osborn, Converse, ProutyPottawattamie County 1902 IA 1902
Durham, Barham, Lance, Howell, Norman, Hayton, Boyer, Sunnyside MineWilliamson County 1908 IL 1908
E.M. Vail Residence Nursery, Thomas J. Howell, Henry Eyer Stock Farm, Annawan, CloverHenry County 1875 IL 1875
Flick, Nelson, Castell, Westphalen, Pellett, Frisbie, Kneisel, Howell, Claussen, Lanzon, Christensen, Blakely, RiekerCass County 1978 IA 1978
Hamilton-Dale Ranch, T.J. Dale, L.M. Howell Ranch and ResidenceTulare County 1892 CA 1892
Hand Residence, Howell Residence, Olin Residence, Lee ResidenceRacine and Kenosha Counties 1887 WI 1887
Hansen, Harris, Hoffman, Holada, Howell, Jones, Jordan, Kirchoff, Knuth, Kunze, Lange, LeightonCass County 2003 IA 2003
Hansen, Harris, Hoffman, Holaday, Howell, Jones, Jordan, Kirchoff, Knuth, Kunze, Lange, LeightonCass County 2003 IA 2003
Harding, rogers, Epla, Hunt, Howell, LoomisLee County 1872 IL 1872
Hoffman, Holste, Hosfelt, Houser, Howell, Huddleson, Huff, Hughes, Ihnen, JensenCass County 1978 IA 1978
Homuth, Hornstein, Houdek, Howell, Hrdlicka, Hughes, Hunt, Ingvalson, Jackel, Jacobson, JandtSteele County 1970 MN 1970
Howell, Clasen, McGill, Barten, Hirsch, Fieldhack, Whitehead, Pearson, Pelouze, Loth, Groth, VojeWaukesha County 1914 WI 1914
Howell, Jewett and Company, Whosesale Lumber Yard, D. McLeod's Portable Galleries, AtchisonKansas State Atlas 1887 KS 1887
Howell, Snyder, Bond, Walker, Clear Creek Farm, Paul, Hay ResidenceJohnson County 1870 IA 1870
Isaac C. Howell, Elizabeth HowellFranklin County 1882 IN 1882
Isaac C. Howell, Elizabeth Howell - LeftFranklin County 1882 Microfilm IN 1882
Isaac C. Howell, Elizabeth Howell - RightFranklin County 1882 Microfilm IN 1882
J.C. Wisner, Wm. H. Wisner, Alfred Howell, S.R. Weeks, MonroeOrange County 1875 NY 1875
Julius Quade - Store, Charles F. Miller - Farm, H. Anderson - Saloon, Mrs. Mary Howell, William Howell - FarmSt. Charles County 1875 MO 1875
Key, Thompson, Holcomb, Jobe, Linnstaedt, Howell, Fogle, Pierce, Simpson, SpencerGrayson County 1908 TX 1908
King Egbert - Property of Howell, Hadwin Portrait & ResidenceCalhoun County 1894 MI 1894
Lincoln County Officials, Steele, Woolfork, Eversmeyer, Meyer, Wilson, Howell, Smiley, Diggs, MontgomeryLincoln County 1926 MO 1926
Melchert, Peterson, Carlson, Stransky, Harris, Thwing, Howell, Bierce, Williamson, Michalek, Wesner, Collings, Somers, CableBrule County 1911 SD 1911
Olson, Howell, Johnson, Minder, Schmidt, Thide, Just, Johnson, Jackson, Thompson, NerisonRoberts County 1910 SD 1910
Puck, Heuer, Pahl, Buttenob, Oldenburg, Burrows, Warnebold, Zarn, Schaefer, Buckwalter, Howell, SindtScott County 1905 IA 1905
Sharp, Claycroft, Wright, Howell, Burkhart, Bridges, Campbell, Carr, Zehner, DavisTipton County 1928 IN 1928
Tallman, Chandler, Felch, Steere, Sessions, Dean, Goodno, Lansing, Lester, Howell, Neff, Straley, McKune, BallSt. Clair County 1897 MI 1897
Wohlenhaus, Funk, Schacht, Muller, Rothe, Holldorf, Robberts, Hilyard, Schuler, Plezer, Peterson, Howell, Barns, FurdCass County 1978 IA 1978