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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Berns, Vorwald, Connor, Sanger, Maroverts, Trappe, Leas, Zittergruen, Horns, Baade, Cook, VanderseeClayton County 1983 IA 1983
Fuller, Herd of Thorough Bred Short Horns, Residence, Scence on FarmMcLean County 1914 IL 1914
Harbaugh, Kamper, Dinan, Roeder, Sylvester, Meyers, Schuldt, Horns, Dittmers, Hakert, WhittleClayton County 1975 IA 1975
Heying, Hillers, Hinton, Hoeger, Horns, Horstman, Hoth, Hughes, Hunt, Hutchinson, Ihde, JaegerClayton County 1983 IA 1983
Hilgerson, Hoeger, Hofer, Hoffman, Hoisington, Horns, Horstman, Hoth, Houg, HuebnerClayton County 1975 IA 1975
J. Ritterling, R. Kulmann, D. Marquart, E. Fintel, A. Tietjen, B. Dittmer, R. Horns Family, C. Flathman, D. MarquartThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Kershaw Residence, Short Horns, Public School, Turner Junction 1873DuPage County 1874 IL 1874