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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Brown Res, Hubbel Res, Davis Carriage & Paint Shops, Trask General StoreKent County 1876 MI 1876
Doty Res, Stephens Carriage & Waggon Shops, Baumgartner Store, Letts House, Higgins ResWill County 1873 Vol 1 IL 1873
Enos Hill and Co. Foundry and Machine Shops, Creuzets BlockGallia County 1874 OH 1874
H. Ricks and Son, Morgan Brewery, G.W. Spotts, Eagle Gardens, Lager Beer, Malt Hops, Barley, JacksonvilleMorgan County 1872 IL 1872
Harrison and Co., Foundry and Machine Shops, Engine and Boiler WorksSt. Clair County 1874 IL 1874
Host Bro. Wagon and Carriage Shops, Strassen's Hotel and Store, Burk, Kinney, Weeks ResidenceWalworth County 1873 WI 1873
Isaac Bowen, M.L. Arnold, Jas. Rosenbrugh, Illinois Central r.R. Shops, AmboyLee County 1872 IL 1872
McBroom Residence and Work Shops, Squires ResidenceVermilion County 1875 IL 1875