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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Caleb Hitchcock, John W. Bowman ResidencePerry County 1875 OH 1875
Cornell Library, Ithaca, NY, Finch, White, Searles, Barney, Gray, White, Williams, Lord, Finch, Hitchcock, SelkregTompkins County 1866 NY 1866
David Ream Jr, N.F. Hitchcock ResidencePerry County 1875 OH 1875
George A. Scherer, Theodore J. Muller, Alt Gerdes, James A. Hutchinson, Charles Kothe, Chas. F. Hitchcock, J.E. Dechman, James WardPeoria City and County 1896 IL 1896
H. Hitchcock Residence, Galesburg Water Cure, C.B. and Q.R.R. Stock YardsKnox County 1870 IL 1870
Haroff, McMichael, Houseman, Lindle, Tourette, Hitchcock, Humphrey, Balser, Reynolds, Cochran, Kirk, McBride, HopsonMuscatine County 1899 IA 1899
Hitchcock, Hjelmen, Hoffmann, Holstennsen, Gubbard, Hythecker, Jacobson, Jackson, Johnson, JonesDodge County 1905 MN 1905
Hitchcock, Seeverts, Nelson, Schleeter, Bigelow, Sanford, Haukaas, Aakre, Heltne, TeigenDodge County 1905 MN 1905
Melott, Thomas Dewitt, Hughes, Peter Bushey, John Hitchcock, Thornton BolingHolmes County 1875 OH 1875
Noah Hitchcock, Lucy Hubbard, Homer, N.Y.Cortland County 1876 NY 1876
Seventh-Day Baptist Church, Hitchcock Woorhees, Frederick Oertley, Joseph Anderson, Henry Oertley, Hiram RankinPeoria County 1873 IL 1873