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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Heyda, Hippen, Holmer, Horth, Iback, Jacobson, Jensen, Johnson, Keller, Kennedy, KetterPine County 1972 MN 1972
Kalkwarf, Kliege, Miller, Sprole, DeVries, Paker, Ludwig, Hippen, DeGroote, Kenppe, OldenburgerButler County 2000 IA 2000
Lindeman, Hippen, Meyer, Peters, Schneck, Kole, Conlon, Ubben, Ackerman, DeVriesButler County 2000 IA 2000
Oelmann, Olmstead, Smit, Fern Creamery, Lynch, Hippen, Simms, Gummert, Kell, Krull, Clarke, Beenken, HarrensteinGrundy County 1965 IA 1965
Peterson, Phippen, Rattenborg, Ross, Parmley, Nymand, Olson, Parmley, NissenAudubon County 1988 IA 1988
Richard Shippen, Isaac F. Farnsworth, Isaac W. Mease, C.C. BrosiusClarion County 1877 PA 1877
Richards, Gill, Smith, Hippen and Co., T.and H. SmithTazewell County 1873 IL 1873
Vosika, Walker, Olson, Aldrich, Seedorff, Johnson, Westerman, Whitedm Campbell, Hippen, Lewellin, Kent, TurtlePine County 1972 MN 1972