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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Benj. Hinkle Residence, J.B. WithrowButler County 1875 OH 1875
Desotell, Hinkle, Shumski, Shaw, Silvers, Hinzmann, Schwantz, Pratt, Loken, Holtorf, KingTodd County 1983 MN 1983
Grell, Meyer, Crowson, Peterson, Kunz, Barnhart, Hinkle, Ehresmann, Lex, Nagel, Rathbun, HudsonFillmore County 2003 MN 2003
Hinkle, Van Briggle, West, McNeal, Mott, Ressler, Pence, bennett, Bozell, Werner, KirkpatrickTipton County 1928 IN 1928
Hodge and Hinkle, McKinsey, MillerClinton County 1878 IN 1878
James Hinkle, Ashley R.W. Hinkle, Victor A., Philemon B. Mary E. Wesley S.Delaware County 1875 OH 1875
Main, Gallagher, Ringwalk, Buss, Wiley, Rains, Smoot, Hinkle, Monroe, Buffington, GordonPayne County 1907 OK 1907
Monjon, Cook, Johnson, Gilbert, Schwartz, Hinkle, Lawson, Timmons, Anstett, Frazier, AlexanderBenton County 1909 Microfilm IN 1909
Nelson Monjon, Alpha T. Cook, C. F. Johnson, James H. Gilbert, Wm. J. Schwartz, Henry J. Hinkle, William J. W. LawsonBenton County 1909 IN 1909
Wagner, Hinkle, EttingerOgle County 1872 IL 1872