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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Court House - Hillsboro, Great Steel BridgeJefferson County 1876 MO 1876
Cress, Cockelreas, Digmans Art Studio, Hill, Bullington, Hobson, Hillsboro Brick and Tile, Jones, Hoehn, CofeenMontgomery County 1912 Microfilm IL 1912
Hillsboro Corner Block, Anderson, Hartmann, Hillsboro High School, Langen, Lockhart, Whitehouse, Welsh, WilsonMontgomery County 1912 Microfilm IL 1912
Hillsboro National Bank, Spinner, Bitter, Lanyon Smelter, Hillsboro Jail, Schram Plant, Parkhill, Attebery, SmelterMontgomery County 1912 Microfilm IL 1912
Sarles, Hillsboro, First National BankTraill and Steele Counties 1892 ND 1892