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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Buchholz, Frey, Rieschick, Fisher, Harris, Friedly, Scheitel, Birdsley, Fiedler, Castle, Zentner, HitchcockRichardson County 1963 NE 1963
Canfield, Wright, Ford, Latham, Warner, Fenn, Hick, Crittenden, Olds, CowleGeauga County 1900 OH 1900
Davenport, Nabstedt, Lindsay Phelps Lumber, Dugglery Brothers, Putnam, Krause, Haak, Schick, Ewert, RichterScott County 1905 IA 1905
E. H. Woolsey, E. E. Artemenko, Nels Roe, Chas. F. Schick, Col. J. E. Hurley, Fanny A. AngellGrant County 1918 ND 1918
McNulty, Shick, Judge Hill, Davenport, Hawkes, Walsh, Frank BorinRooks County 1904 to 1905 KS 1904
Rivetts, Wilkie, Kuchinski, Peterschick, Ballou, Diebel, Peine, Warnke, Nelson, Saathoff, Bonbrake,Morrison County 1996 MN 1996