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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Historical - Beckfield, Fitchett, Stockhause, Connell, Franzmeier, Porath, Schmitt, Hinkeldey, Gutel, WitzkeBuena Vista County 1982 IA 1982
Luft, Winkel, Papenhause, Haning, Leonard, Vawter, Vercler, Robison, Getz, Ingersoll, Murphy, Knoll, MayTazewell County 1910 IL 1910
Mumper, Hause, Lowther, Heindal, Langen, Baker, Rawlings, Stoner, Thompson, Holman, Hodge, Baker, Little, YeazellClark County 1894 OH 1894
Tanner, Blaser, Eddy, Caldwell, Liekefett, Vivian, DcDonald, Palmer, Belshause, Johnston, Larson, RouseRock Island County 1905 Microfilm and Orig Mix IL 1905