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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Christensen, Clarke, Crone, Daugherty, Dean, Enderton, Flaharty, Franker, Geisinger, Gidley, GlienkeClay County 1991 IA 1991
Flaharty, Spieker, Jackson, Milton, Bendlin, Kaus, Milleman, Thomsen, Durst, Langholz, Bishop, KrogerClay County 1991 IA 1991
H. K. Gjolme, Gjolme - Lien Ranch, R. H. Brady, A. Rasmussen, Phil Harty, Farm Scene in La Roche, Scene on Platte CreekCharles Mix County 1906 SD 1906
McAdams and Bleyler, Newbern Mills, H.E. Dougharty, Otter Creek MillsJersey County 1872 IL 1872
Reeverts, McGranahan, VonEhwegen, Langner, Metcalf, Evans, Anderson, Enderton, Flaharty, VeitchClay County 1991 IA 1991
Smith, Thiesen, Graham, Rosa, McGranahan, Eldridge, Baker, Flaharty, Evans, Smith, JepsenClay County 2003 IA 2003