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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Carpenter, Bolar, Burgin, Harlow, Brown, Barber, Butler, Werninger, Barlow, BEnder, Bolar, Smith, Harrison CourtHarrison County 1917 MO 1917
Chruch, Esmond, Harlow School, Baker Store, KnoxBenson County 1957 ND 1957
J.H. Campbell, J.H. Bradshaw, Lewis M. Bloomfield, M. Collins, Lewis Hine, Harlow LoomisPortage County 1874 OH 1874
LaGrange Nursery and Greenhouse, Harlow J. HernLagrange County 1874 IN 1874
Peterson, Hamrick, Andresen, Harlow, Torgerson, Wood, Diedrick, Elden, Wood SeparatorPolk County 1970 MN 1970
William Greening, John Jackson, John Weld, E.C. Harlow, Owen and Bro, Margaret Owen, Paul Schwartz, SR.Walworth County 1873 WI 1873