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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
American Lutheran, Full Gospel Church, Indian Lake Baptist, Nobles County War Memorial Library, Brewster H. S.Nobles County 1989 MN 1989
Bert McKinney, David F. Clark, Robt. F. Boyer, Cyrus M. Hane, A. J. Pursifull, Bayard Gray, Mrs. S. S. Earhart, T. H. PalmerClinton County 1903 Published by Middle West Publishing Co IN 1903
Franke, Fenneman, Burke, Wiley, Heit, Shekleton, Kleiss, Brinks, Scott, Pocket Full of PosiesChickasaw County 1996 IA 1996
Huss, Warren, Full, McDaniel, Swanson, Lindahl, Werts, Toft, Emmert, McHugh, ZiemanClay County 1991 IA 1991
Lena Hotel, Packer, Weaver, Full, Naramore, StahlStephenson County 1871 IL 1871
Mount Olive Lutheran, Full Gospel Fellowship, Spruce Grove Apostolic Lutheran, Wolf Lake POBecker County 1992 MN 1992
Opera House and Parmleys Office, Small Wells at Popular, Farm Residence, Dalys Full Blood PercheronnEdmunds County 1905 SD 1905