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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
Beitz, Shover, Conley, Orr, Gearhart, Orr, Freeze, Flannagan, Smith, De ShawDelaware County 1979 IA 1979
Flick, Fober, Fox, Franzen, Frazee, Freese, Freeze, French, Friedman, FrostChickasaw County 1978 IA 1978
Nelson, coyle, Kloren, Bohlken, Bradke, Freeze, Lighty, Wuchter, Kehoe, Turney, ClarkDelaware County 1979 IA 1979
Nelson, Hosch, Kehoe, Freeze, Weber, Lange, Flan, Schwenvinger, Wilson, Hunt, Thompson, Turnis, Beitz, MilesDelaware County 1968 IA 1968
St. Charles Hotel, Montour House, Residence John G. Freeze, Conovers Insurance OfficeColumbia and Montour Counties 1876 PA 1876