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Illustration Name Atlas Name State Date
D. Yoachim, C. Nedza, H. Bleich, C. Vesely, H. Marsh, M. Mack, C. Vesley Family, H. Marsh, Four Generations of Nedza FamilyThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Drewlow, Affield, Stuehrenberg, Whaley, Zarling, Murdoff, Selby, Beyer, Rezac, Belfour, Holecek, PoppelWilkin County 1979 MN 1979
E. Wyssman Family, A. Franzen, Four Generations of Bruning Family, W. Mammen, M. Garrels Farm, J. Lentfer, D. LubbenThayer County 1976 NE 1976
Little Falls High School, St. Francis, Four Mile Congregational Church, Chamber of Commerce, Holy CrossMorrison County 1996 MN 1996
Old Canteen, Tecumseh Hall, Four Winds Cultural Center, Thorpe Hall, Auto Mechanic, Oheya Hall, Chief Joseph Hall, SequoyahMoody County 1991 SD 1991
Universalist Church, Hartland Four Corners, G.E.E. Sparhawk, The Cobble, Chester Academy, ChesterWindsor County 1869 VT 1869
Walhalla Gospel Tabernacle, Brethren Number Four, Catholic, Pembina Lutheran Church, Baptist, BathgatePembina County 1958 ND 1958
Wilcox Res, Price, Hollenbeck - Four Generations, Johnson, McLeish, Hall, Jenison, Rowlet, SmithWinnebago County 1905 IL 1905